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  A strong argument can be made for using the service that Collaboras provides. With both legally and medically-qualified team members,
a multi-disciplinary approach is both time and cost saving for any clinical negligence department. This allows fee earners the time to progress more advanced cases, while outsourcing the screening aspect at a cost much less than their own hourly rate.
This excludes the time spent on
all the other enquires that end up getting rejected, which can be up to 30 minutes at a time. Multiply those figures by the number of enquiries you expect to get from your marketing campaign, and you are talking about
a significant number of hours each month that could be used progressing active cases instead.
So, what is the solution to managing inbound potential claims, improving your customer journey and increasing your customer sign-up conversion rate?
Improving your own service
Start by improving your internal processes. It is important to map out the entire journey your customer will take with your firm. This will allow you to identify areas of improvement and reduce any drop-out or need
for as many call backs. There are a number of new technologies and systems that can help increase the efficiency of your process too.
Put in place a good Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, or similar bolt-on to your case management system, that allows you to report customer details and activity clearly so
that you can engage with them appropriately, reduce the chance of losing a client and place all the information needed to pursue the case in one central system.
For the best results, employ a dedicated in-house team to take enquiries with a set process and criteria to follow. This will mean no calls are missed and enquiries can
be picked up quickly. By setting
your own criteria, you can quickly identify a viable case. However, it is worth noting that a firm would need to invest thousands of pounds to develop well-trained and efficient teams capable of handling and filtering the number of potential claims the process creates. Therefore, project the cost of running such a department to make sure it doesn’t outweigh the financial return.
Call Answering Service
To support limited in-house resource, you could employ the services of a professional call answering service or virtual PA. These services take a message from the customer 24/7 and give you
the person’s details to call them back. Many aspects of your process may remain inefficient though, as you would still have to spend time trying to get in touch with them after their details have been passed to you. While these services can be delivered so that the caller thinks they are leaving a message with your firm, the lag before you get back to them still disrupts the customer journey and gives them time to go elsewhere.
In addition, when a firm does speak to that potential client, the firm still has to dedicate time and resource to working out if the potential claim is viable, within statutory timescales and has a good chance of being successful.
Outsourcing The Entire Process
Many firms in the UK, particularly those who operate in the highly competitive injury and negligence claims sector, employ the services of companies
who not only provide the marketing services to generate leads, but also offer comprehensive capture and qualification processes to capture each new enquiry
and determine if the potential client has a claim that has a good chance of success. Only those potential clients who have cases with a good chance of success are then passed to a panel law firm at a time when they are open, saving hours of time that would otherwise have to be spent filtering through hundreds of speculative and unqualified leads in order to get to the ‘golden nuggets’.
How Does Enquiry Capture Outsourcing Work?
In this process, a new enquiry is picked up by a dedicated contact centre team working for or with the company. That team, who are trained with technical
as well as contact centre engagement skills, will capture that individual and the details of their potential claim while also assessing whether it fits the desired criteria of the law firm, making detailed notes throughout.
Through this process, any unrealistic or weak claims will be filtered out, meaning the qualified leads passed on to firms are far more likely to lead to success for both the firm and the customer.
As a result of the above, this means the firms utilising this new breed of service save both time and money focusing fee- earning time on progressing high-quality cases with a good rate of success.
Full control over process and spend.
Marketing directly influences enquiries received.
Personalised process & criteria.
Training and technology used is specific to your firm.
Cost can quickly amount. Large resource required
to achieve a cost-effective return and manage.
Needs constantly updating current technology and processes.
Fully trained customer service team.
Latest telephony technology and staff provided for you. 24/7 response to gather details.
Perfect if resources are tight or your team has scheduled holiday.
You still have to recontact the client. Costs can vary.
Can disrupt the client journey due to the amount of time between message and call back. Still need to undertake inhouse marketing activity.
Dedicated and trained team.
Only receive quality, vetted enquiries with high conversion rate.
More predictable marketing and acquisition cost each month.
Time spent contacting a client is taken care of.
Access to technical expertise and economies of scale in marketing spend.
Lack of control. Often a standardised vetting criteria.
                      No matter what method you use, it’s important to create a process that strengthens
your client journey, making sure your clients feel listened to and are receiving the advice and support they require. Don’t forget, time spent contacting an enquiry and recording details is a resource cost and you could use that time more efficiently. Always review your process to make sure they are up-to-date and explore suitability of the latest customer engagement technology.
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