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    Chris Wynne is the founder and Clinical Director at The Rehab Physio, a 3,500 sq ft specialist, state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation centre on the Wirral, Merseyside which was officially opened in October 2021. The centre offers a unique three-tiered approach which includes intensive rehabilitation technology, specialist neurological physiotherapy
Chris has delivered presentations and training to a wide range of professionals in the medicolegal sector on the subject of how robotics and virtual reality (VR) are deployed to deliver intensive physiotherapy to optimise the patient’s potential for recovery. His aim is to challenge old industry norms to promote change within the neurological rehabilitation sector.
and a purpose-built rehab gym.
 Research suggests that for patients recovering from neurological conditions and catastrophic injuries, including advanced brain and spinal cord injuries, intensive treatment, ie. 80 hours, equating to thousands of repetitions per hour
over hundreds of hours, is the key to
a successful outcome. To deliver that outcome would involve 7 hours per day
of physiotherapy activity.
With conventional physiotherapy this level of treatment has not been possible due
to a combination of cost, a shortage of resources and the practical implications
of achieving thousands of repetitions without the help of technology. Typically, patients’ budget constraints prevent them from accessing specialist services and equipment to allow them to continue their rehabilitation independently following discharge from hospital.
For case managers and solicitors dealing with funding requests, that intensity of treatment would appear excessive and expensive but a change in mindset, practice and funding is required so
that we can better serve our clients.
Chris: “I’ve always thought that the point of a personal injury claim is
to deliver the best opportunity for someone to have a life as close to the one they should have had if they hadn’t suffered the injury.”
For neurological rehabilitation to be effective, a patient needs to experience enough of the right movements for physiological changes to happen. These changes to the nervous system are known as neuroplasticity and when the rehabilitation treatment is both frequent and often, results in the generation of new brain cells and nerve pathways.
So how do we achieve
that level of intensity?
By using technology such as robotics and virtual reality (VR), The Rehab Physio is able to provide the intensive rehabilitation required to allow
our patients to harness previously undiscovered rehabilitation potential within their bodies and in some cases surpass their original expectations. Robotics and VR make this possible by:
Increasing the volume of practice Increasing the quality of therapy
Providing better treatment outcomes
Achieving more sustainable improvements
The Rehab Physio offers an 80-hour intensive rehabilitation programme so patients can attend for 4, 5 or 7 weeks (depending on whether they can dedicate themselves to 3, 4 or 5 days a week). That equates to 4 hours of intensive physio per day.
By utilising the intensive approach, facilitated by the specialist technology, patients can expect greater changes in a short space of time. This way of working will ensure that the changes
that are made can be practiced at home with much more reliability than spreading treatment over a long period.
Chris: “A larger initial investment may
be required for intensive rehabilitation, but overall this approach is more cost- effective and clinically effective for the patient as an alternative to spreading the cost of treatment over a longer period.”
The Rehab Physio works with personal injury solicitors and case managers to ensure that their clients have access
to the best, and most appropriate evaluation and treatment. By also working in partnership with a range of charities, we can deliver access to funded specialist neurological rehabilitation services to families and individuals whose lives have been impacted by life-changing injuries or clinical negligence, but have been unable to access suitable treatment due to the cost implications.
For example, The Rehab Physio
started working with the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation earlier this year. The Charitable Foundation has since supported numerous patients at The Rehab Physio, both adults and children, who have suffered debilitating injuries such as spinal cord and brain injury but have been unable to secure financial support.
Chris: “Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation is a fantastic organisation and together we are helping to transform the lives of patients needing specialist care who would not have been able to access treatment without their financial support.”
To find out more about The Rehab Physio visit: or call 0151 665 0266 Autumn & Winter 2023

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