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 Are you haemorrhaging money when it comes to
acquiring new clients?
For any business, legal or otherwise, to raise awareness of what you offer and attract new clients, investment in marketing activities is often fundamental. However, firms need resources in place to then handle the new enquiries that come in.
Thankfully, there are now a number of companies specialising in the legal sector, such as Manchester-based mmadigital, who can undertake all of this process.
In this article, Rob Macfarlane, director of marketing performance at mmadigital, outlines the time and resources law firms need to put in place to get the best value out of their marketing spend and achieve a higher conversion rate of potential clients to signed-up cases.
Rob Macfarlane, Director of Marketing Performance at mmadigital.
 If you are unsure, picture the following.
    It is worth outlining a couple of example tactics a firm can use to promote themselves to help bring in new cases:
A firm could employ
a digital marketing
agency to run Pay Per Click (PPC), social media advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns on its behalf;
A firm could employ
a public relations consultancy to write and gain coverage for press releases announcing company news and pieces of thought leadership (like this one) demonstrating the level of expertise the legal firm has.
Having engaged advertising and PR agencies in the past, I speak from experience when I say these services do not come cheap. If the value of the enquiries you receive provide a good return on that expenditure though, well done and well done for measuring
it (so many businesses don’t)! However, are you tracking the time and cost it takes to secure that new business and are you recording how many of those new enquiries turn into fee-paying clients?
Law firm will conduct multiple callbacks across a number of weeks. Spending time leaving voicemails and email reminders too. Time spent just trying to get in contact instead of on fee earning activities.
ACTIVITY: Callbacks, Voicemails, Emails & Texts LOST CLIENT
A law firm will spend time calling a client back & leaving multiple voicemails. Once contact is established, time spent identifying if there is a potential case. If there is no viable case, the client will need to be informed with information as to why.
ACTIVITY: Callbacks, Voicemails, Emails & Texts + Time Spent Taking Details & Qualifying, Reporting
Law firm will need to establish contact with potential client using callbacks, voicemails, emails and texts. Initial details will be taken before a solicitor can conduct a full review and obtain a medical screening (if desired) and obtaining further details. Possibility of organising a meeting to speak further with solicitor too.
ACTIVITY: Callbacks, Emails, Time Spent Taking Details & Qualifying, Reporting + Further discussions and medical screening
Does this situation sound familiar? The partners and associates at your firm are all in meetings with current clients discussing their cases. The person at the front desk is attending to another client in reception when a call comes in. As everyone is busy, that call from a potential new client goes to voicemail and they may either leave a voice message, send an email instead, fill in the contact form on your website or may just give up and call a different firm. If they do leave a message in some form, when someone from your office calls them back, they may now be busy and so, can’t answer your call. You then end up calling and sending emails every day for the next week (or, like many firms, you may call them a couple of times and send one email and move on to something else that requires urgent attention). This is clearly inefficient and can take up a lot of a legal firm’s time.
At mmadigital, we calculated that, on average, it takes 48 minutes to capture and qualify a potential enquiry that comes in through our consumer brand The Medical Negligence Experts, which is then transferred to our panel members. In addition, some of our panel members opt to have those leads medically screened, a process which is carried out by medico-legal consultants Collaboras Legal.
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