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   To find out more about the Foundation’s work or to apply for funding, contact:
 0161 886 8042
Funding is also available for charities and those look to undertake charitable projects for groups.
      A Collaborative and Community-Focused Approach to Life After Injury
ragically, many of those who suffer catastrophic injury aren’t entitled
to compensation. The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation was set up by Frenkel Topping Ltd in 2015
to support those people, having seen the impact of life-changing injuries on their clients and being reminded every single day of how unfair life can be and how fragile we all are.
For every member of the Frenkel Topping Group family, the work we
do is so much more than a job. We are passionate about doing the right thing for those people who are rebuilding their lives after injury, whether they are a client or not.
By channelling that passion into the FT Charitable Foundation, we provide a lifeline for many; a way to access support for their mental and physical health and wellbeing.
It was founded in order to make a positive impact on as many people in our community as possible.
At different times, pre and post settlement, people need support to deal with the many challenges they face after significant injury. The Charitable Foundation works hard to reach those people.
Whether it’s equipment to support an ambitious man in his return to work after a brain injury, or funds to help a teenage girl with a spinal injury access rehab
to help her walk again, or support for projects that allow disadvantaged young people access for the first time in their lives to creative arts, the foundation’s efforts are focused on enhancing life after life-changing injury for as many people as possible.
For those left with a disability or cognitive behavioural needs – in particular those with a head or spinal injury – the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation works
to empower them to discover their strengths, support their achievements and protect them in their endeavours.
The foundation supports a great many individuals and charities each year, providing financial support and funding to help individuals and their families achieve happiness and fulfilment despite their circumstances. The foundation places a particular focus on assistance that supports mental, as well as physical, health and wellbeing.
Many beneficiaries of the foundation are adults and children who have suffered debilitating injuries such as spinal or brain injury, meaning the individuals and their families are put under huge financial strain through being unable to work or needing specialist care.
The financial support offered through the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation helps to rebuild lives where no other support is available.
Sadly, it is not uncommon for life-changing injuries to occur without fault or blame, meaning those affected are unable to claim financial support to help cope with the new demands of living with injury.
By working closely with a network of other fantastic charities and bodies in its space, including the Rooprai Spinal Trust, the Child Brain Injury Trust, Fletchers Foundation, LimbPower, and many others, the FT Foundation is expanding its reach to improve the lives of as many people as possible.
The Foundation also provides a ‘bedside assistance fund’ inside Major Trauma Centres via its partnership with Cardinal Management, giving Major Trauma Advisers access to ‘same-day’ cash to provide immediate assistance to the most needy patients.
Norma Fraser, Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation Manager said: “We want to make it easy for the Major Trauma Advisors to make decisions on all of those small things that could make a big difference to the people they care for who have been through a lot.
If our support means a patient can get home from hospital with some dignity in a set of clothes rather than in a hospital gown, then we are doing what we set out to do.
If it means that we can top up a phone with some credit so they can speak to their family or that their partner or children can afford a taxi to visit their loved one in hospital and have a cup of tea and something to eat when they arrive, then this project is working. It’s a pleasure to be able to support the MTSPs in the extraordinary work that they do.”
Andrew Pemberton, Founder of Cardinal Management Ltd said: “At the MTSP we understand that sometimes it is the timing of support that is important, and that even modest levels of support can have a huge impact, if they are available at the right time.”
The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation which relies on supporters’ generosity to continue offering life-changing funding to individuals who have had their lives changed by significant injury and who desperately need support.
Through events like its annual Charitable Foundation Ball, golf events and family fun days the Charitable Foundation raise funds to go directly to successful beneficiaries and funded projects. Your support makes all the difference to the lives of individuals and their families who were not able to claim financial support after suffering debilitating injury or acts of clinical negligence.

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