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IT ACHIEVE? The purpose of skin
ouflage is to enable your clients to live their lives to
the fullest despite the visible difference that they now have.
Not only do your clients have
to deal with their own feelings about their altered appearance, they may also be facing intrusive questions, stares or judgments from others. You may find that they have lost confidence, have developed social anxiety, have become socially reclusive, or have more clinical manifestations of anxiety or depression.
Skin camouflage can give your clients the freedom to go
on holiday, to wear clothing unrestricted by considerations of length and coverage,
to go to the gym or for a swim, and in more extreme cases, to be confident enough to leave
the house.
  The purpose of skin camouflage is to enable your clients to live their lives to the fullest despite the visible difference that they now have.
    Babs Forman, Skin Confident Founder, Skin Camouflage Expert & Expert Witness.
There are several different skin camouflage brands, and each Claimant will require a different product combination tailored to their particular concerns, so it is difficult to state as a hypothetical.
However, based on experience, the annual expense of skin camouflage lies roughly between £300 and up to £700/£800 per year, depending on the size and severity of the scarring. As an ongoing cost for the rest of the Claimant’s life, the amount can quickly become significant - particularly in lower value cases.
The aim of the report is to illustrate to the judge what the cost of the ongoing use of skin camouflage is over the course of the Claimant’s lifetime.
Scars are generally permanent and do not change significantly once they hit maturity (at around 2 years). The need for products can therefore be deemed to last until the end of the Claimant’s life.
The report will set out precisely which products are recommended for: scar management, skin camouflage, removal and hygiene, and sun protection. It will also include costings for relevant accessories such as application tools and sponges.
As well as the relevant costings, the medico legal report sets out the general suitability of skin camouflage in
each particular case and would generally include photos showing the injuries before and after the application of skin camouflage.
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