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 See you in two months...
Sabbatical leave is a great way to recharge those batteries and quite literally take time out! Karim Mohamed, Partner at Mayo Wynne Baxter, talks about the benefits that sabbatical leave can offer.
hink sabbatical and the traditional image is backpacking across India, a yoga retreat somewhere in the wilds or trekking in Patagonia, whilst your colleagues are at the grindstone. Perhaps true, yet
research suggests benefits for both you and those left behind.
More employers are encouraging sabbaticals - for a few weeks or even a
few months. Sabbatical means, literally,
‘of the Sabbath’, or a rest. It is a voluntary agreement with a member of senior staff
or those with a certain length of service taking fully paid or part-paid leave above the standard holiday allowance. Sabbaticals typically comprise of a single period of extended leave. In some organisations, the break could be to pursue a professional development course and some larger companies also allow a career break. Mostly, it is to ‘recharge batteries’ or pursue an interest or spend time with friends or family.
I am fortunate enough to be allowed a six-week sabbatical every few years, and my last in 2017 was abroad with my family without any connection to the office. Yes,
I threw my mobile into the proverbial bin. Bliss. A time to recharge, reflect, enjoy time with the family, and, more important, a time to focus on priorities over the next few years both work and personal. And I look forward to my next one in late 2020/ early 2021 for which planning is well advanced!
I had the benefit of three partners who were able to supervise a few colleagues and, in that way, share the burden - in turn I reciprocated when they had their sabbaticals.
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