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The Strategic Partnership Programme fuses our aspiration to help children reach their full potential and have the best quality of life possible, with an awareness of the art of the possible when it comes to corporate partners. None of us work
in isolation and we wanted to create something that fuses an awareness of
the level of commercial availability that corporate entities have, with some clearly defined goals and opportunities that
will make potential partners enthusiastic about what working together looks like.
All our relationships with Strategic Partners start with this discussion; it’s important for both CBIT and the aligned company to understand what the mutual expectations are and how these can
be best met. Our four pathways are specifically designed to meet a wide range of interests and desired outcomes to suit a host of different companies. Whilst one is positioned with a clear focus on raising awareness of the work that
we do and forging closer links within our network, another is designed to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for our families, whilst yet another is focussed on provision of education and learning opportunities and improving quality of life for our families.
Companies may prefer to take an umbrella approach, which is what our final pathway offers.
Once it has been clearly established which pathway is of most benefit to the potential partner and we have undertaken our due diligence, both CBIT and the potential partner sign a commercial agreement and formally begin the relationship. A regular dialogue is established ensuring that everyone’s interests are being met, and that we establish a bespoke model of best practice for each partner.
As well as the opportunity for partners to focus their support into a particular area of CBIT’s service delivery, part of what we believe makes Strategic Partnerships an appealing prospect is that prospect of co- production we touched on earlier. As we reach the end of our current strategy, we will start to more closely interrogate how we build that village, what our next steps are for wrapping care around the children, young people and families we support. And we’ll also start looking
at how we can reach higher, further and shout our message from the rooftops.
This is a chance for partners to become embedded in our growth,
one we acknowledge by highlighting some of the opportunities for development in some of the pathways open to prospective strategic partners, such as our future fundraising and engagement programmes. We aspire to create opportunities that will embrace the potential of up and coming supporters as some of our own brilliant families who want to give back.
There are also opportunities to engage more closely with new education and development programmes we would like to deliver, such as our re-imagined early years programme. We also remain open to unexamined opportunities; those “unknown unknowns”
that can develop as the result of cooperation and collaboration when organisations become attuned to one another and grow, together. We see this as a key benefit of the longer term relationships that
the Strategic Partnerships Programme is focussed on forging, where growth is often as much organic as it is structured.
The Child Brain Injury Trust is of course delighted to speak to individuals representing companies who may have aligned interests with CBIT and believe they may wish to become a strategic partner.
Our Strategic Partnerships Programme is open to join year round; please do get in touch with us: – if you’d like to discuss further and read a copy of our proposal document.
Together, we can be that village, and secure outstanding outcomes for the children and families we support.
  Creating a programme that is focussed not only on financial growth, but also on forging a meaningful relationship with corporate supporters enables us to do just that. Learning from our collaborative experiences, the old adage that “it takes a village...” rang true for us and we wanted to create our own.
Lisa Turan, Chief Executive Officer at Child Brain Injury Trust Autumn & Winter 2023

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