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   Evidential Problems 22 Professor Dominic Regan, Frenkel Topping
Frenkel Topping Group Highlights 24 The Need For Established Experts
Frenkel Topping Group
The Leading Provider of 25 Independent Medical Reports
Chris Parsons, Premex+
Discovering All Of P’s Assets 26 Joe Lander, Anglia Research
New FCA Consumer Duty Rules 27 Simon Callow, Ascencia IM
PIC Charity Update 28 Partners In Costs
You Ask... 29 Cost Officer Sonia Ponceby-Thwaites
AE Mobility - Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For 30 Post-Injury Recovery & Case Management
Rod Davis, EA Mobility Group
AvMA Curry Nights 2023 32 Money Raised And Photos From
Our 2023 Curry Nights So Far
What have our
Engagement and D
evelopment Team been up to?
 To Budget Or
Not To Budget?
Sarah Prager KC takes up
the argument for and against cost budgeting at an early stage in proceedings.
 Welcome to Partners In Costs 3 It Takes A Village 6 Lisa Turan, Child Brain Injury Trust
To Budget Or Not To Budget? 8 Sarah Prager KC, Deka Chambers
Navigating The Challenging 10 Post-Covid Property Landscape
Anava Baruch, Design for Independence
AvMA - An Interview With... 12 Paul Whiteing - Chief Executive, AvMA
Civil Costs Catch-Up - Back To The Future 14 Dominic Woodhouse, Partners In Costs
A Collaborative And Community-Focused 16 Approach to Life After Injury
Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation
Intensive Rehabilitation: Challenging 17 Industry Norms To Promote Change
Chris Wynne, The Rehab Physio
Introducing The Association Of Costs Lawyers 18 Jack Ridgway, ACL
A Clinical Framework For 19 Case Management Practice
Niccola Irwin, Keystone Management
COP COSTS - The Appeal Process Then And Now 20 Paul Cruickshanks, A&M Bacon
        From Treasure Hunts to Curry Nights our Engagement and Development Team have been busy throughout the summer supporting our fabulous charities. Autumn & Winter 2023 PARTNERS IN COSTS 5

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