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to the latest edition of our PIC Magazine.
Teresa Aitken, Chairperson, PIC
  We hope that all our readers have enjoyed the summer and are feeling refreshed and revitalized!
ractitioners will be aware of the forthcoming changes to fixed recoverable costs, with the regime to be extended for claims up to £100,000 from 1 October
2023. In this edition we are delighted to include an article from our Dominic Woodhouse providing some practical considerations in relation to the extended regime and the new Intermediate Track.
We are also delighted to bring you an eclectic compilation of articles from our esteemed contributors. Why not grab a coffee and have a browse!
In my role as Joint Editor of the Costs Law Reports
I am looking forward to the forthcoming CLR Conference on 27 September 2023, where there will be a fantastic line up of speakers including a Keynote Speech from The Honourable Mrs Justice Joanna Smith DBE. I hope many of our readers are able to attend and look forward to seeing you there!
  We hope you enjoy
this issue of our magazine. Autumn & Winter 2023
          Reuben Glynn, Partner In Costs Magazine
s another period of change encroaches upon the world of costs, I was mulling over the past and how the costs profession
has evolved over the last thirty years. I then wondered whether, irrespective of the Woolf Reforms, additional liabilities, fixed costs, portals and so on, the issues that underpin costs have actually changed? Interestingly, there is a fascinating article in the Law Society Gazette from October 1997
entitled, “Counting the costs - good costs draftsmanship is an essential tool in getting the best deal for clients”.
Some takeaways that remain relevant today include (1) all lawyers know that a good legal costs draftsman can save a client money, (2) in deciding the reasonableness of costs the conduct of the parties is now going to be a factor leading to more arguments about costs (That was prescient), (3) compiling a solicitor’s bill is akin to putting together an Airfix model; all the bits should be there, but you’ve got to pick them up and put them in the right order, (4) there is no substitute for a note on the file - preferably one that is legible, and (5) a lot of firms don’t look far enough ahead to taxation (as it was).
So, my message is this; the world turns,
the law evolves, the rules change, but the practical aspects of costs are likely to remain fundamentally the same and it remains in the interest of any good solicitor to find and use a good costs lawyer. As PIC invest in technology and innovate how we work with our solicitor partners to drive costs efficiencies, we are leading and looking at breaking new ground as we expand, so we look forward to working with you.
We are grateful to all of our contributors for their insightful articles in this edition of our magazine, and hope you enjoy it!

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