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For Booking A Holiday!
We know our readers will be looking forward to the day when COVID-19 is under control and we are given the all clear to travel once again. Professor Dominic Regan returns to PIC Magazine to provide advice
 and practical tips to assist with booking g
   I adore my holidays. What follows are some practical tips to ensure that you avoid grief and silly expense, wherever you might be going. I implore you to take note of my first 3 suggestions!
1. Check all passports now! Some countries require that there be 6 months validity left beyond your return date. You can check the entry requirements of every country in
the world on the Passport Office website. Now is a quiet time of year to renew. The Passport Office, unlike many a Government department, is incredibly efficient and friendly. Please don’t forget to pack it! Check to see if Visas are required as, for example, if
you are off to Turkey. When applying online, ensure that it is the Government website as lots of despicable outfits offer the Visa but put on fat mark ups for just doing what you can do for yourself.
2. Always pay for your trip by Credit Card. Should the supplier go bust, you will get all your money back thanks to Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974. Only a few
months ago Thomas Cook went under.
Loads of claims arise because someone cannot undertake the trip. Insurance costs the same whenever you buy it
so get it at once. Beware of cheap cover. It is probably inexpensive because it provides little indemnity and may have huge excesses.
Never change
money at a station
or airport.
Rates are dire.
John Lewis is
very competitive;
the Post Office is not.
Avoid big notes. The
concern is that they might be
regarded as forgeries. I always
ask for nothing bigger than €20 or $20.
Get yourself a free Monzo bank
card. For purchases abroad you get a brilliant exchange
rate and they do not charge commission.
Mainstream Banks charge a fee for every transaction
 Take out insurance as soon as you book your holiday.
Consider flight and hotel packages, rather than building the
which is dire if you are buying a bus ticket or a drink. If using Uber, make the Monzo your payment card for the same reason.
holiday yourself. British Airways can often produce a deal where the accommodation is little more and sometimes less than the flight alone! Furthermore, whilst you must pay for a flight at once they will allow you much more time to pay if it is a package.
However, put inside your baggage a large sign with all
of your contact details.
If you think that silly,
then let me tell you that around the world there are regular auctions of lost, unclaimed luggage.
Just in case, take photos of your 10. passport details and the front and
reverse of your bank cards. If the worst
happens you will have all necessary information
at your fingertips.
Bon Voyage!
Professor Dominic Regan of Dominic Regan Training Ltd.
Specialists in delivering training and development services to the Legal & Professional Services Sector.
Label luggage but never put your home address on the tag. You are advertising that no one will be at home.
               5. The same goes for Eurostar rail trips. On the official website look at the option ‘train and hotel’. I have found Paris trips, including a night in a hotel, for less than the
train fare. It is always worth looking.
6. If you are booking a hotel look at the reviews on ‘TripAdvisor’. Whilst there will always be someone having a rant, you can get a decent sense of where the hotel
is and what guests make of it. On an epic trip to Italy last summer I found that the best deal was not on a comparison site. These charge the hotel commission of perhaps 20%. Hoteliers will always want to deal direct. Write and ask them what rates are available.
I also found myself upgraded as thanks!
Mrs Vacation
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