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    xperiencing a life- changing injury can
be a profound turning point in an individual's life, affecting not only their physical health but
also permeating through every facet of their existence. The repercussions of such an injury stretch across their financial stability, personal relationships, social life and hobbies, as
well as education, work, and employability. Central to all
these changes is the emotional wellbeing of the individual, which is invariably impacted as they navigate their new reality.
The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation was founded to support those who experienced
a life-changing injury but didn’t receive a financial settlement. While the impact of an injury reaches far beyond finances,
often the lack of any financial support exacerbates the complex challenges that injured people face.
It is no surprise that the breadth
of support we provide has been
in high demand in recent years
as the cost of living crisis has deepened and public services are stretched further than ever before.
Financial Impact
The financial consequences of a life-changing injury are often immediate and can be long- lasting, imposing a significant burden on individuals and their families, making economic stability a big concern.
Relationships & Family
A life-changing injury doesn’t occur in isolation; it also affects the relationships and family dynamics of the person injured, adding strain to relationships due to the added responsibilities and emotional stress. Communication within the family might be tested as each member grapples with their feelings about the injury
and its consequences. There may be feelings of guilt or burden, helplessness or frustration, highlighting the need for open communication and support for all involved.
Supporting the
   ‘whole person’
after injury
Social Life, Hobbies & Sport
Social interactions and engagement in hobbies or sports can be significantly altered following a life- changing injury. Activities that were once sources of joy and socialisation may no longer be accessible, leading to a sense of isolation and loss of identity. The challenge of finding new hobbies or adapting existing ones to fit new physical limitations
is daunting and can impact the individual's social life.
Sports, in particular, can be a significant loss, especially for
those who were highly active or professional athletes before their injury, necessitating a re-evaluation of how they connect with others and engage in recreational activities.
Education & Employability
Physical limitations or cognitive changes may make previous job roles untenable, forcing individuals to reconsider their career paths or seek retraining. Students may face barriers in education, requiring adjustments to their learning environment or support services to continue their studies. These challenges can lead to feelings of inadequacy or anxiety about future prospects and financial stability.
Emotional Wellbeing
At the heart of these multifaceted impacts lies the emotional wellbeing of the individual. The loss of independence, changes in body image, and the uncertainty of the future can significantly affect self-esteem and confidence.
Navigating the emotional journey towards acceptance and adaptation is challenging and it requires resilience, patience, empathy and understanding.
The support from the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation encompasses all of these things and is focused on the whole person. Whether it’s DJ equipment that allows a young person to explore a new hobby in an accessible way or an adapted laptop to support someone’s return to work, or supporting a local community group that works with people with disabilities or giving disabled young people access to the arts for the first time, we believe in empowering people to live their best lives, to pursue their endeavours and to focus on what is possible rather than what they have lost. Spring & Summer 2024
  2024 will be the Foundation’s busiest year yet and we will help more individuals than ever before. If you would like to work with us or refer an individual to access our service, please visit:

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