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 How Core Values
Enhance Client Service
After more than 30 years in business, Frenkel Topping Group (FTG), has recently refreshed and formalised its vision, purpose and values - the guiding principles that shape the interactions, decision-making processes, and ultimately, the quality of service provided to clients.
The field of personal injury and clinical negligence is fundamentally about trust, expertise, and the ability to navigate complex, often deeply personal issues. Clients seek not only financial advice, investment products, or expert reports from our portfolio of businesses but also a sense of security and understanding. Core values are the principles that guide every aspect of service delivery.
Values-driven service ensures consistency, reliability, and a commitment to the client's best interests. When a firm's actions are aligned with its values, clients experience
a level of service that is not only professional and competent but also human and compassionate. This alignment fosters trust, builds long-term relationships, and maintains FTG’s reputation as a reliable and consistent group of businesses.
Give It Heart
We believe that empathy and kindness are crucial in our line of work. Our clients often come to us during challenging times, and our approach is to treat them with utmost care and understanding. This value ensures that our clients feel heard, respected, and supported throughout their journey with us.
Show Resilience
Life after a life-changing event can be daunting and fraught with challenges. Our resilience means we are prepared to navigate these challenges, learn from each experience, and relentlessly advocate for our clients' best interests. This resilience reassures our clients that we are unwavering in our pursuit of their goals.
Make It Easy
Legal issues can be complex, but we strive to make the process as smooth and understandable as possible. By avoiding jargon and simplifying communication, we ensure that our clients are fully informed and comfortable with each step of the process. This approach reduces stress and builds confidence in our expertise.
Act with Integrity
Integrity is the bedrock of trust in our profession. Our commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical practice means that clients can rely on us to act in their best interests at all times. This value is central to building and maintaining the trust that is so essential in client relationships.
We recognise the individuality of each client and their unique circumstances. Our value of respect ensures that we approach each case with sensitivity, understanding, and an appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our clients. This respect fosters a more personal and tailored service.
Think Differently
In a field that is constantly evolving, our value of innovation
keeps us ahead of the curve. We are committed to finding creative solutions, embracing new technologies, and continuously improving our services. This forward-thinking approach benefits our clients through more efficient and effective legal solutions.
The integration of these values into every aspect of our work is what sets FTG apart. We understand that consistency in service delivery is key to client satisfaction and loyalty. Our values are not just a checklist; they are ingrained in our culture, guiding our interactions with clients and influencing how we conduct our business.
By consistently applying these values, we ensure that every client receives the same high standard of service, regardless of their case or circumstances. This consistency is critical
in building a reputation for reliability and excellence and is responsible for our 99.9% client retention rate.
Frenkel Topping Group’s values
are the foundation upon which
it builds client relationships and delivers services so they can exceed client expectations and provide a level of service that is empathetic, resilient, clear, honest, respectful, and innovative. As they have done for 30 years already, FTG’s values will remain their guiding light, ensuring they consistently deliver exceptional service to clients.
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