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  Travel Advice By Professor Dominic Regan
Each year I set out some travel advice and here are my updated tips for 2024. I implore you to take particular note of my first 4 Rules.
01 “Until August 1914 an Englishman“ could travel abroad or leave his country for ever without a passport“ wrote A J P Taylor‘ English History’ 1914-45”. Those were the days. Travel to the European Union
on a UK passport is, as the legendary Simon Calder writes, subject to 2 conditions. On the day of entry to the EU, it must have been issued less than 10 years ago AND on the day of intended departure from the EU, it must have at least 3 months left before its expiry date. The same rules apply to non-EU states of Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Seriously, review the passports of your entire family because it would be ghastly to be denied travel and your insurance will not cover you.
02 Check to see if visas are required. If so, when
applying online ensure that you visit the official website of the Country concerned. Commercial entities put on a massive mark up to give you what costs a pittance direct.
03 Always, always, always pay for your trip by Credit Card. Should the airline or travel
company collapse you will be able to invoke the wonder that is Section 75 CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974. A reminder; the measure makes the card provider jointly and severally liable for breach of contract by
the supplier. The service must cost more than £100 and no more than £30,000. Protection accrues if the value concerned exceeds £100 even though you put a lesser amount on the card as for example charging a £50 deposit on a £500 break. Never forget the dire Covid tales when so many entities shamefully refused
to reimburse travellers. Trailfinders
is the one agency I recommend wholeheartedly because it puts payments into a secure account and pays out only when the trip
has been taken. Simon Calder of The Independent will tell you that the only time he has been able to collect a rental car without grief was when it was booked via Trailfinders.
Take out insurance 04
as soon as
you book your
holiday. Loads of
claims arise because
someone cannot
undertake the trip.
Insurance costs the same
whenever you buy it so
get it at once. Beware
cheap cover. It is probably
inexpensive because it provides little indemnity and may have huge excesses. If going to the United States ensure you have massive £10m+ of health cover.

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