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Raising Funds for Little Hiccups
  Back in September 2019, Ison Harrison Solicitors launched a new initiative encouraging health and wellbeing in the workplace with their “Cycle September” campaign. Throughout the month of September, staff from their 14 branches cycled as many miles as they could to raise funds for the Leeds based support group ‘Little Hiccups’ with Ison Harrison’s Community Fund donating £1 for every mile cycled.
 Anne and the team at the start of their journey in Leeds.
    nne Robertson, clinical negligence solicitor and Barnsley branch manager, completed an impressive 127-mile bike ride along the entire length of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.
PIC Magazine caught up with Anne to talk about how it went!
What made you take part?
Little Hiccups is a wonderful charity supporting families and carers of children with additional needs, and I was very keen to become actively involved in fundraising. I love to challenge myself and have taken part in half marathons and a sponsored cycle from Doncaster to York previously. This was a step up from those!
The challenge was part of Ison Harrison’s #CycleSeptember campaign where for every mile cycled by staff, £1 was donated to Little Hiccups. We raised an amazing £1,070.50!
Who else took part and how far did they go? There was a core group of us who cycled the entire
127 1⁄4 miles (a distance that is forever ingrained in my memory!). This was made up of trustees of the charity and friends and families of those that the charity supports. We were joined for some legs by enthusiastic children, although I knew I’d broken my 11-year old when he refused chocolate milk after one leg! He still managed to cycle about 70 miles of the total though.
How long did it take?
The ride in total took over 2 days.
On day 1 we rode 74 miles which was around eight and a half hours of cycling with one wrong turn, two bike repairs, a puncture and a crash!
On day 2 we rode 53 1⁄4 miles which was around five hours of cycling but with no wrong turns, bike repairs, or punctures. Safe to say it was a much better day!
Tell us about the training you had to endure.
My husband and I enjoy cycling and running anyway so it didn’t really feel like ‘training’. I tried to have a day a week when I cycled 25 miles. It was handy that our Barnsley branch had just opened so I cycled to and from work a couple of days every week in the month running up to the event.
Are there any comparisons that you can make between this particular challenge and working in law? The progress and emotions in the bike ride were identical to those I feel during the course of a clinical negligence claim. At the start there is excitement, but also slight apprehension that it may not go to plan. Halfway through, it felt
as though it had gone on forever and, at times, as if
I was going backwards. But the end was exhilarating and made all the lows worth it!
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