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An Interview with...
 Senior Associate Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell LLP
    Irwin Mitchell is one of, if not the leading, medical negligence firms in the country.
To be able to work with an extensive team with vast experience means we can offer our clients the best possible service. This ensures injured people get the rehabilitation they need and obtain the compensation they deserve.
I work with a large team of experienced lawyers dedicated to supporting our clients and helping achieve the best possible outcome. It’s very rewarding to be able
to put rehabilitation in place and ensure families receive the compensation they need to put therapies and care in place.
If you weren’t in your
you would like to practise in and gain experience within that area. Choosing to be a litigator is very different work to non-contentious litigation. At times it can be very pressured and even stressful being a claimant medical negligence lawyer. However, it’s incredibly rewarding knowing you can help improve the lives of your clients.
 Who inspires
 PIC Magazine caught up with Richard to talk about his recent accreditation
to the AvMA Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel.
Tell us a little about your career
I am a Senior Associate Solicitor based in the Medical Negligence team in London, representing individuals and their families who have suffered injury as a result of a medical accident. I qualified as a solicitor
in 2010, joining Irwin Mitchell in November 2014. I initially trained to be a barrister
and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in September 2008. In August 2008 I joined Pattinson & Brewer Solicitors where
I undertook the cross-qualification training.
I am an APIL Accredited Senior Litigator and Clinical Negligence Specialist and on the Clinical Negligence AVMA Panel.
I undertook my Bar Vocational Course (barrister training) and cross qualification training at the College of Law. I attended Nottingham Law School part of Nottingham Trent University for my LLB.
How did it feel to receive
you and why?
 AvMA Accreditation?
My children because they drive metobethebestthatIcanbe
in order to provide them with a positive role model as their father.
I felt both pleased and proud to be recognised by AvMA as a specialist in my area of expertise. AvMA are the leading organisation for ensuring patients’ rights and patients’ safety are protected. Knowing that they recognise my skills in the industry feels a fantastic achievement.
What do you enjoy
   to date
What aspects of your role do
Away from the office, I love
to travel and experience new cultures. Being a father of three (including identical twins) I spend as much time as I can at home with my daughters.
current role, what would your dream job be?
I always wanted to be a Solicitor ever since I was at primary school. Being able to fulfil this at a Leading Law Firm exceeds my expectations.
you find most rewarding?
doing when you are not working?
 What aspects of your role do
I want to build on my knowledge and experience to continue to help injured people gain closure by understanding what happened to them, help them access rehabilitation to improve their outcome and obtain the right amount of compensation to provide for their long-term needs. In an ideal world patient safety will improve to such an extent medical negligence lawyers are redundant but we’re some way off that.
And finally, tell us
something about you that most people don’t know! I am a qualified high ropes instructor. I spent two summers working at an American Summer Camp on a High Ropes Course!
What does the future
 hold for you?
 What made you apply for
Having to tell a family who have a seriously injured child that we don’t have enough evidence to be able to proceed with a claim, especially where there have been failings in the care received. Knowing
that the care received did not cause or contribute to the injury can be reassuring but knowing that the family will need to rely on limited state care and funding is heart breaking.
piece of advice to anyone considering starting out, then
what would that be?
Being a Solicitor is more than being good at academics. Before embarking on a career within law, consider carefully which area
you find most challenging?
 AvMA Accreditation?
I see being accredited through AvMA as forming an essential part of my credibility
as a solicitor in one of the leading UK law firms, where having up to date knowledge is crucial. In their search for the ‘right’ solicitor to handle their case, potential clients often look for additional industry benchmarks to help them make a decision in terms of who to instruct and AvMA accreditation definitely supports this.
If you could offer one
  Tell us about the Accreditation
 process. How did you prepare?
Gaining accreditation through AvMA is a robust process. You need to ensure that
you have the right experience and expertise before considering applying. It is not a short process and requires careful planning. I spent a number of years building up my expertise before I could meet the criteria required.
  If you are a lawyer working within the specialist field of clinical negligence and are considering applying for AvMA accreditation, see website link below for full details. Spring 2020 PARTNERS IN COSTS

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