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Empowered Staff With The Right Training
In Healthcare, training and development are integral, not only for compliance requirements but also for having career development frameworks available to assist with the challenges of attracting, provisioning, and retaining highly skilled talent. It is crucial to empower team members with the knowledge and skills required to deliver top-notch care and our in-house training team ensures nationwide consistency and high-quality training across the Acuity Care Group.
If we can look after and develop our team members, then we know that this results in better outcomes for the people who need the care.
Team Brain Injury Support provides specialised training tailored to the unique care and support needs of individuals facing daily challenges to live independently in their community. Our training covers basic anatomy, types and categories of brain injuries, neuro-rehabilitation, physical, cognitive, behavioural, and psychological impacts, capacity, documentation, care plans, teamwork, consistency, and the person’s pathway from admission to discharge. This comprehensive approach addresses medical complications, professionals' roles, family impact, home adjustments, aspirational goals, motivation, and SMART goals. This training is aligned with Best Practice identified through our membership with the British Association of Brain Injury & Complex Case Management (BABICM).
Working In Partnership For Better Outcomes
Clinical information is obtained from the Multi-Disciplinary Team, guiding us in conducting thorough initial assessments alongside
the individual's family or representative. Complex Care Managers, Complex Nurse Specialists, or Psychologists, depending on needs, conduct these assessments. Subsequently, we collaborate with professionals and the individuals to construct personalised care plans, placing a strong emphasis on the preferences and wishes of those we support. This is bespoke care, tailored to the needs of the individual.
Despite market challenges, our care remains person-centred, emphasising personalisation, choice, and positive risk-taking utilising strength-based approaches. We continuously strive for positive outcomes, supporting mental and physical well-being.
Our commitment extends to addressing healthcare inequalities, respecting dignity, and rights, providing equitable quality of care, and working in partnership with other providers. We focus on preventive measures, health promotion, and effective communication to ensure measurable quality care.
Feedback from those we support, their families, and healthcare professionals informs continual improvements in our care quality. Effective communication, empathy, partnerships and a personcentred approach are pivotal components of our quality care.
We strive for great outcomes on all our packages of care. By way of example, we have been working closely with an individual recovering from a brain injury and their family and team. Through close collaboration across these stakeholders, we've witnessed positive strides in accessing the community, pursuing artistic endeavours, and rebuilding relationships with family and friends.
The Right Care At The Right Price
What we have found is that the lowest price solutions are often too short-term in nature, meaning that individuals change from provider- to-provider multiple times. Whilst this can relieve pressure on the system, it is usually only temporarily, and in reality, costs more in the long run. This is why we invest in the quality of our staff and solutions to build packages of care that are tailored to individual needs and long-term sustainability.
Our care has a profound impact on the individuals we support and the wider NHS services, reducing hospital admissions and community service utilisation. By providing consistent complex care at home, we keep individuals where they belong, positively influencing their lives while alleviating the burden on the NHS and social care.
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Placing Quality At The Heart Of Care
At Acuity Care Group, quality is the cornerstone of our approach, encompassing everything from attracting the right personnel to providing support from start to finish. Our definition of quality-of- care spans promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation. We adhere to established professional standards, guidelines, and protocols, ensuring the use of evidence- based practices.
Safety is paramount, with robust protocols in place to minimise the risk of adverse events.
We proactively seek national best practices and apply lessons learned from investigations and reports, fostering a culture of safety and continual improvement. Regular quality improvement initiatives, informed by data analysis and feedback, drive our commitment to providing high-quality care.
We ensure the alignment of our actions with
our commitments through a variety of effective processes that gauge the quality of our services. These include feedback surveys and forms, newsletters, quality assurance calls, audits (covering quality, clinical, and operational aspects), complaints and whistleblowing. Our commitment extends to consistently empathising with and understanding the perspective of the individuals we support and their families. We diligently close the loop on incidents, sharing learnings across the organisation, recognizing that the experiences of those we support shape the quality of our care.
Our dedicated Quality team collaborates with operational teams to uphold the values and culture of the business, fostering continual improvement. This requires appropriate investment in resource and skill to deliver that level of quality, but this is essential. A high-quality service is an expectation when you invest in care, and when all aspects are executed flawlessly, it leads to long-term cost savings for commissioners.
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