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       An Interview with
Paul Whiteing
Chief Executive
     Exclusive Interview
by Partners in Costs
Now over eight months in his new post, PIC Magazine caught up with Paul Whiteing, Chief Executive at Action against Medical Accidents.
What does a typical working week look like for you?
Being the CEO of a small (but significant) charity means that there is no such thing as a “typical week”! But every week will bring its own uniqueness and might involve quite a lot of external meetings and engagement given AvMA works and collaborates with so many organisations, groups and individuals. I love this aspect of the role as I have the privilege of meeting so many committed people dedicated to improving patient safety and access to justice. Aside from the external aspects, there is also the internal elements to running a charity. And again, I am blessed here to work with such wonderful colleagues and trustees – all committed to the great work AvMA does. And as any charity CEO will tell you, some of these meetings have a certain rhythm to them not least around the cycle of board and committee meetings for which there is a lot of preparatory work and actions that come from them.
What do you bring to your new role in AvMA from your previous posts?
My background is varied but if there is a theme to my career, it is about trying to level the playfield and champion the cause of “the little guy” – in this case the harmed patient trying to get answers and justice from large health sector organisations that can, at worst, put process before people and their needs. Whilst my background is not healthcare, I see many common issues from what I hear from our beneficiaries as I have experienced in many other sectors. The key is to really listen to our beneficiaries, understand their needs and then make sure that through all of our casework and campaigning we speak to those problems and so drive improvements.
How did you find your first conference in Bournemouth this year?
Daunting (at first) but brilliant. In an earlier part of my career, I was a Franchise Contract manager for the Legal Aid Board so a room full of lawyers was often a hostile experience! You cannot imagine my relief to find that the ACNC plenary sessions were such friendly gatherings by comparison.
I had to pinch myself!! I also came to realise that AvMA’s ACNC is probably the biggest conferences of its kind anywhere. And given the calibre of the audience, it means we can secure some fantastic speakers as well as attract some great sponsors and exhibitors.
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